Michelman opens Innovation Centre for Coatings in Mumbai

Michelman opened Michelman Innovation Centre for Coatings (MICC) in Mumbai on 31 January 2018.

The cornerstone of MICC is a Kroenert dual coater-laminator on the ground-floor. During a detailed demo, it is clear this equipment can be deployed for various coating methods or adhesive application, multiple printing processes, ability to coat a wide range of substrates up to 400-micron thickness, UV top and heat nip lamination capability.

In addition, there is a full-fledged formulation lab and application lab equipped with high-end equipment like WVTR and OTR testing machines and Gelbo tester among others.

Michelman has been doing business in India for a long time. In 2015, it acquired its long-time sales and service partner, Supack International, making it an integral part of Michelman India and started building the team in India.

India is a vibrant flexible packaging market. India is entrepreneurial, energetic and there’s a lot of desire for change, the government is interested in taking waste out of the packaging stream, promoting less toxic materials and more environmentally friendly materials and that’s what Michelman is all about. So, India is a very important place to be, as per the company release.

Stringent environmental regulations are a big opportunity not only for the company but also for the entire environmental economy. They have found over the years that people generally want sustainability and something that is environmentally friendly, the challenge is that it hasn’t been economically viable. MICC is working very hard to make the technology and company solutions not only environmentally friendly and sustainable but also economically viable.