Tesla Energy deploys another Powerpack project in the UK

Tesla has now deployed a much larger project that became the biggest behind-the-meter battery in the country when it came online last month.

Energy company KiWi Power bought 4.8 MWh of Tesla Powerpacks to build a battery system at Cenin Renewables in South Wales(as shown in Pic.)

The company says that it built the installation in three months in order to “provide firm frequency response (FFR) to National Grid after winning a two-year contract offering 24-hour availability at £19/MW per hour.”

FFR is similar grid service to stabilize the network that Tesla’s giant battery pack in South Australia is performing and making millions doing it.

The energy market in South Wales is not as volatile as in South Australia. Therefore, there isn’t an opportunity as important to make a profit, which is why the system is also smaller, but it could also eventually make better use of the renewable energy production on site.

This is one of several recent Powerpack projects for Tesla, including the recent delivery of a Powerpack system to SpaceX’s new spaceport in Texas and a new Powerpack system that brought a business almost completely off-grid in France.