Pika Energy : Smarter Home Energy Solutions

Pika Energy has rolled out two new residential energy storage products that bring a new capability to allow Pika’s Smart Batteries to be integrated into existing solar systems. The company has selected Panasonic’s battery cells as its preferred supplier for its energy storage products.

The new Pika products bring new functionality that allow them to be bolted onto a rooftop energy storage system, making them one of the few offerings that was designed with integration into existing systems in mind.

Pika Energy’s new energy storage products can store up to 17.1 kWh of energy, supplying up to an impressive 10 kW supply. Products with this new functionality will be available by December 2018 to new and existing customers.

The new capability offered by Pika will give tens of thousands of PV system owners access to one of the best energy storage systems available on the market.

The modular nature of its other offering ‘Harbor energy storage products‘ allows customers to upgrade them after installation by simply adding more of Panasonic’s Lithium Ion battery modules in existing array.





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