ABB’s New Compact 24kW DC Electric Vehicle Charger

ABB recently unveiled a new compact 24kW DC electric vehicle charger.

The compact new DC charger brings with it the capability to be controlled remotely, which makes installations at corporate locations or in fleet environments more flexible. The 24kW charging speed over DC means much faster charges for vehicles than the more common 6.6kW level 2 AC chargers in the US.

The box is available with a single charging adapter or dual adapters and supports both the CCS Combo and CHAdeMO standards. The new wall-mounted charger features a 7-inch touchscreen for customers to start and stop charging sessions, view charging status, and perform payment functions.

The new charger comes capable of providing an output range of up to 920V DC, meaning it can provide much higher voltages than are required for today’s plug-in vehicles.

When charging with AC equipment, power is often limited by the vehicle’s onboard converter. These converters are usually rated 3.3, 6 or 7 kW and any additional power the charging station could provide, remains unused.

The DC wallbox has a high 60A output current delivering power directly to the battery, bypassing the limitations of the converter and providing a fast and efficient charge.





Reference- ABB website, Cleantechnica