WattTime’s Automated Emissions Reduction Solution: Charging EVs With Cleaner Energy

Electric vehicles and other e-mobility devices have no tailpipe emissions but that doesn’t mean they are emissions-free.

Although they’re cleaner than gasoline or diesel powered vehicles — even when charged on “dirty” grids — they can be even cleaner.

WattTime, a nonprofit organization is dedicated to giving everyone everywhere the power to choose clean energy.

Founded by researchers at the University of California, Berkeley in 2017, it is now a subsidiary of Rocky Mountain Institute.

WattTime’s flexible Automated Emissions Reduction solution makes it possible to seamlessly charge EVs with cleaner energy and avoid dirtier energy to further reduce transportation and mobility related emissions.

Its Automated Emissions Reduction algorithms permit utilities and electricity consumers, including EV drivers, to reduce emissions from electrical generation by shifting the timing of flexible electricity usage to avoid periods when the grid is relying on high emissions sources.

The cleanliness of the electricity coming from the grid varies drastically throughout the day, drivers need better insight into those changes to remain in control.

WattTime’s software provides that insight — and acts on it automatically — so that EV drivers need not pay it another thought.

Solutions like Automated Emissions Reduction are constantly assessing how clean electricity is throughout the day, and can cycle EV charging on or off in response, while still being ready to drive when the customer needs it.

Reference- Clean Technica, WattTime PR