GoGoA1 Launches India’s First RTO Approved Electric Conversion Kit For Just Rs.35000/-

To have an immediate impact on bringing down transportation related emission levels, many existing internal combustion (IC) engine vehicles would require to run on battery. This could happen only with an electric vehicle (EV) conversion kit where the conventional IC engine is replaced with an electric powertrain comprising a battery and an electric motor.

GoGoA1 Hero Splendor EV Conversion kit

To fulfill this requirement of auto market a Thane (Maharashtra)-based EV startup named GoGoA1, has launched a conversion kit for motorcycles. This is the first instance where an EV conversion kit for two-wheelers has been approved by RTO.

Cost of this conversion kit has been pegged at Rs 35,000 while an additional GST of Rs 6,300 is also applied. The entire kit is being provided with a 3-year warranty.

This is excluding the battery pack.

If you want the 151 kms range battery, the entire kit and battery cost will take the price to Rs 95,000. This excludes the cost of the donor motorcycle.

Other components of this EV conversion kit consist of a DC to DC converter, a new throttle, wiring harness, key switch with controller box and new swing arms.

This EV conversion kit consists of a 2.8kWh battery pack that feeds energy to a 2kW brushless electric motor which is mounted on the hub of the rear wheel.

At present, GoGoA1 has local installation setups in 36 RTOs across the country which is expected to be expanded soon.

Since it has been approved by RTO, its insurance will be applicable and its valuation will be updated accordingly.

Also, since it is an EV the registration number on the bike won’t change but it would be provided a new green number plate.

This is a PR News Feed; edited by Clean-Future Team