Electric Car Graveyards

Electric Car Graveyards Are Already Emerging In China…

China has taken a remarkable lead in the adoption of electric-powered transportation, far ahead of most countries. Its progress has been so significant that certain use cases for electric vehicles may be becoming obsolete.

In China, electric car graveyards are already appearing.

In the Chinese transportation industry, both car sharing and car rentals have experienced a significant surge. With the introduction of electric vehicles and the generous subsidies provided by the Chinese government, many major players have made a strategic shift towards EVs, resulting in the deployment of a massive fleet of such vehicles. Consider it Uber, Ola or rental services like Zoomcar and Droom operating in India.

The latest findings from the esteemed Chinese media suggest that the thriving atmosphere surrounding these enterprises may have experienced an abrupt disruption. Recent captivating visuals, making their way across the online landscape, unveil a multitude of forsaken electric vehicles nestled within a confined space. This vast fleet solely belongs to the prominent electric car sharing organization, Microcity.

Numerous car rental companies flourished alongside Microcity during the emergence of the EV economy, but unfortunately, many of them failed. One of the primary factors for their downfall was the unsatisfactory user experience they provided over time.

The car sharing model has brought to light a significant concern, namely the surge in traffic congestion across the nation, as the number of vehicles continues to increase. Should the electric car rental or sharing ecosystem fail to improve, it is destined to meet a similar fate even in India.

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