Parallel Systems Reveals A Greener Rail Innovation!

Parallel Systems Reveals A Greener Rail Innovation!

Parallel Systems is a startup that is developing new electric railway technology. They call their electrified freight cars “electric rail vehicles” because they are not just powered by electricity, but also have their own propulsion and control systems.

Parallel Systems

In 2022, Parallel Systems unveiled a freight car that is loaded up with all the benefits of EV technology, including zero emissions, quiet operation, and greater efficiency. The freight car also has the advantage of ditching the diesel fuel used by the nation’s fleet of diesel-electric locomotives.

Parallel Systems aims for its electric freight cars to compete with diesel trucks for a share of the nation’s freight hauling business.

In March 2023, the company began testing its freight cars in California. The initial testing phase is focused on safety, and includes testing the cars’ emergency braking systems, GPS, and communications systems. Once the testing phase is complete, Parallel Systems plans to put its freight cars into commercial operation.

Parallel anticipates that a platoon configuration of its freight cars will top out at 50 units to achieve energy efficiency goals while taking advantage of capacity on the railway network. The platoon configuration provides a unique advantage over conventional freight trains because platoon can divide itself automatically into shorter units at crossings and other critical locations as needed.

If all goes according to plan, Parallel Systems’ electric vehicles will be able to operate independently or as part of a platoon. They will be able to attach and detach themselves from each other as needed, which will allow them to be more flexible and efficient than traditional trains.

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