Longi Hi-MO X6 Guardian

Longi Unveils Self-Cleaning Solar Panel For Businesses

Longi has showcased its new commercial and industrial module, the Hi-MO X6 Guardian, at the Smart Energy Conference in Sydney. The Australian version of the module allows water to flow off easily, preventing dust buildup on the edges. However, the module still has traditional framing on its longer sides, requiring vertical mounting instead of horizontal.

Longi fully transitioned its Australian ranges to back contact (BC) technology in 2023, which has advantages for panel efficiencies by reducing shading losses.
The Guardian module has a maximum power output of 590 W. It is large and has specific measurements of 2,281 mm x 1,134 mm, and weighs 27.2 kg. The company will release a self-cleaning residential module later this year, measuring approximately 1,722 mm x 1,134 mm. The Hi-MO X6 Guardian has a cost of around AUD 0.30 ($0.20) per watt, according to the company.

Longi will be introducing a new Ultra Black module with a power output of 440 W to the residential Australian market. This panel is fingerprint-proof, making it easier for installers to handle without leaving marks. It is important to note that this feature does not apply to fingertips with sunscreen or zinc on them.

DAH Solar has been offering its Full Screen module in Australia since October 2023, which also features a lowered frame design to prevent dust and water buildup. This means that Longi is not the only company in the Australian market with this type of anti-dust module.

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