StoreDot Silicon EV Batteries Are Really Coming Soon!

StoreDot Silicon EV Batteries Are Really Coming Soon!

US automakers were concerned last year when China imposed export restrictions on graphite, a key component in electric vehicle batteries. However, the industry is now preparing for new batteries that use silicon instead of graphite, and an Israeli startup called StoreDot is leading the way.


StoreDot has attracted significant investments, including $20 million from BP, due to their advancements in silicon EV battery technology. Other companies like Daimler, VinFast, Volvo Cars, Polestar, Ola Electric, Samsung, and TDK are also interested in the company’s plan to develop ultra-fast charging silicon EV batteries.

The transition to silicon for EV batteries goes beyond just fixing the supply chain. StoreDot’s technology shows that silicon batteries offer better performance and quicker charging compared to traditional graphite batteries. The company is aiming to achieve a 100-mile charge in five minutes soon, with a target of reducing this to four minutes in two years and ultimately reaching a two-minute charge time by 2032.

StoreDot recently introduced a new battery cell architecture that allows automakers to assemble battery packs more efficiently, reducing production time and costs and has also recently announced a partnership with Chinese battery manufacturer EVE Energy to produce its silicon XFC batteries commercially.

EVE is a prominent EV battery supplier that is rapidly growing worldwide and has strong connections with major car companies.

StoreDot explains that its silicon is “synthesized together with proprietary small-molecule organic compounds,” that can withstand changes in volume during battery charging, prevent energy fade and rate capability limitations, and improve safety.

Silicon stores 10 times the energy of graphite and it is available in sufficient quantity and quality. It is the only viable pathway to low-cost, long-range electric vehicle batteries that can be scaled rapidly.

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