Hyundai IONIQ 5 robotaxi

Hyundai Zooms Ahead: Booming EV Sales & Licensed Robotaxi 

Hyundai is making big strides in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Their overall sales grew in March, but the real story is in their electric car sales which doubled compared to last year. Sales of specific models like the IONIQ 5 and Tucson hybrids/plug-in hybrids all jumped significantly.


Overall, company’s EV sales rose 100% year-over-year and all their eco-friendly vehicles saw a 35% increase in March, accounting for 11,485 out of their total sales.

Hyundai is also a frontrunner in self-driving cars. Their robotaxis, built in a dedicated Thai factory, recently achieved a remarkable feat – one passed a simulated US driver’s license test! This IONIQ 5 robotaxi aced a series of public driving tests in Las Vegas, showcasing its ability to handle various situations safely.

It impressed by following speed limits, making lane changes and turns accurately, stopping at signs, and reacting to hazards. The robotaxi navigated both the Las Vegas Strip and suburban areas with ease.

Hyundai highlights the IONIQ 5 robotaxi as a product of cutting-edge technologies. It’s the result of years of collaboration between Hyundai and Motional, a self-driving tech developer. The robotaxi uses a combination of advanced sensors (LiDAR, radar, and cameras) to deliver consistent performance in different environments.

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