Rushed Production? Cybertruck Plagued By Problems After Delivery

Disgruntled Tesla Cybertruck owners are voicing their frustrations online after experiencing nightmarish problems with their brand new vehicles.

A forum post titled “Worst delivery in my life” details a buyer’s (cyberstank) horrifying experience. Their truck died after just one mile, throwing steering errors and flashing a red screen before going completely dead on the highway. The unnamed dealer they contacted was reportedly unable to assist, leaving the owner stranded.

Another user reported a collision caused by apparent brake malfunction. While trying to slow down for a turn, the brakes failed to engage, resulting in a crash with a light pole and airbag deployment failure.

These online complaints come after years of anticipation for the futuristic electric truck. The Cybertruck Owners’ Club forum is now a hotbed of negativity, with users detailing various issues encountered since deliveries began in late November 2023. These problems range from electrical malfunctions to potentially serious safety concerns.

It’s worth noting that safety issues with the Cybertruck have been a point of discussion among experts even before its release. Now, these concerns seem to be materializing for early adopters.

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