Green Hydrogen Powers Sustainable Float Glass Production

In a landmark agreement, INOX Air Products has joined forces with Asahi India Glass Ltd (AIS) to spearhead a significant shift towards eco-conscious glass production in India. This collaboration marks the establishment of India’s first-ever green hydrogen plant dedicated to the float glass industry.

Green Hydrogen

A 20-Year Commitment to Green Energy

The signed 20-year offtake agreement outlines INOX Air Products’ responsibility for the design, engineering, installation, and uninterrupted supply of green hydrogen to AIS’s new float glass facility situated in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan.

This pioneering unit boasts a planned capacity of 190 tonnes per annum, with an initial phase supplying 95 tonnes of green hydrogen annually to AIS.

Solar Power Paves the Way for Green Hydrogen Production

Scheduled for commissioning by July 2024, the green hydrogen plant will be powered entirely by solar energy, significantly reducing the project’s environmental footprint. The commitment between partners extends beyond solar power, with plans to invest in generating electricity from flue gases, further bolstering the project’s environmental credentials.

A Greener Future for Glass Production

Asahi India Glass’s greenfield project in Chittorgarh, established in collaboration with AGC Europe, is poised to revolutionize the Indian glass industry. This initiative targets a remarkable 94% reliance on green and sustainable energy sources to power their float glass production.

This will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 1,250 million tonnes per annum. The collaboration between these industry giants signifies a significant step towards a more sustainable future for glass production in India.

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