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Lightyear 0 Solar-Powered Electric Car

Series Production Of The Lightyear 0 Solar-Powered Electric Car Begins!

The Lightyear 0 is the manufacturing successor to the Lightyear 1 prototype, which highlighted the idea of a solar-powered


Volvo’s New Electric Car Will Not Let You ‘Drive Drunk’

Volvo has announced the release of its “driver understanding system,” which will be included in the company’s next flagship

Solar Powered Electric Vehicle

China Develops An Electric Car Powered Solely By Solar Energy

In China, a multi-organizational collaboration effort resulted in the construction of the country’s first totally solar electric vehicle (SEV).


Electric Car Maker NIO Unveils 500-kW Ultra-Fast Charger 

In China, the race is on to provide EV drivers with the fastest possible EV charging experience, and NIO

How Much CO2 Do Electric Cars Truly SAVE?

How Much CO2 Do Electric Cars Truly SAVE?

How much CO2 do electric cars truly save when compared to diesel and petrol vehicles? To answer this issue,

electric car

New World Record – An Electric Car Cursing At 5,816 Meters…

Rainer Zietlow, a world-record driver, last week achieved another world record with an electric car powered by LG Energy Solution

AVINYA Concept

Tata Launches AVINYA Concept- The Next Gen Electric Cars

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility (TPEM) today made a grand entrance into the next generation of electric cars with the


BMW’s Ist All-Electric Car Places A Special Emphasis On Energy Efficiency

BMW has recently unveiled the new i7 xDrive60, the first all-electric car in the next generation of its legendary

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