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Rotting Mass Of Sargassum Seaweed Threatens Beaches

A 10-million-pound blob is riding ocean currents toward Florida’s tip. The Great Atlantic Sargassum Belt, a 5,000-mile-long goopy mass

Atmospheric Rivers Are Responsible For Very Heavy Rains...

Atmospheric Rivers Are Responsible For Very Heavy Rains…

Atmospheric rivers are relatively long, narrow areas of the atmosphere that convey the majority of the water vapor outside

Plastic Rock

New – Scientists Discover Rocks Made of Plastic Trash

Scientists are stunned by the finding of “plastic rocks” on a remote volcanic island off the coast of Brazil

Nature's Clock

Nature’s Clock Has Been Disrupted By Climate Change

In nature, timing is everything. Every crucial biological activity, from the first notes of a songbird’s spring chorus to

Tesla Is Being Charged With "Water Pollution"

Tesla Is Now Being Accused Of “Water Pollution”

A German environmentalist group, Association for Nature and Landscape has filed “criminal accusations” against Tesla, accusing the corporation of

A new kind of climate-resilient coral has been discovered.

A New Kind Of Climate-Resilient Coral Has Been Discovered

A new research discovered that two typical reef-builders can withstand 2ºC of global warming. According to the research, two

Due To Adani's Fall Indian Renewable Energy Dreams Are In Trouble

Due To Adani’s Fall Indian Renewable Energy Dreams Are In Trouble

Adani Group has around $2 billion in foreign-currency bonds due to be repaid in 2024. There are no bond

India Bracing For Heatwaves In 2023

India Is Bracing For Heatwaves In 2023

After registering the warmest February since 1901, India is bracing for scorching heatwaves. Last month, the country’s average temperature

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