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energy crisis

A Looming Energy Deficit May Throw World In Anarchy

There is a significant energy deficit from Europe to Asia. While there is no one cause of the shortage

ArcVera Renewables

ArcVera’s Anomaly Map Show 5 to 10% Below Average Monsoon Wind Speeds

ArcVera produces Wind and Solar Resource Anomaly Maps every month to assist stakeholders in their quest for answers to

JSW energy

JSW Energy Has Ordered 810 MW Of GE Onshore Wind Turbines

JSW Energy, one of India’s largest power firms, has ordered 810 MW of onshore wind turbines from GE Renewable

Mahle Powertrain

Mahle Powertrain & Allotrope Energy Unveil 90 Second Recharging Lithium-Carbon Battery

Mahle Powertrain and Allotrope Energy, both located in the United Kingdom, have announced a revolutionary battery technology that might


Biochar – An Eco-Friendly Fertilizer Created From Biomass

Cows convert millions of tonnes of grain into millions of tonnes of dung, which is commonly referred to as


HEVO To Commercialize A Medium Pizza Box Size Wireless Charging Device For EVs

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory of the US Department of Energy has licensed its wireless charging technology for electric

Energy Storage

An Energy Storage Device That Uses Hot Sand To Store Energy

Renewable energy sources such as solar and wind are changing the way we power our buildings, industries, and grid;

Raft Motors

Raft Motors Introduces A 480 Km Range Electric Scooter In India

Raft Motors, a Mumbai-based EV company, is about to release its newest e-scooter. Customers may reserve the Indus NX

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