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Mitsubishi Investigates Recycling Plastic To Produce Green Hydrogen

Hydrogen Utopia and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries have agreed to investigate the potential of creating green hydrogen from waste plastics

Redwood Materials

Redwood Materials Will Begin Supplying Recycled Battery Components To Panasonic

Panasonic will begin utilizing copper from recycled lithium-ion batteries provided by Redwood Materials later this year to make new

waste age

Waste Age Can Come To An END, If We As A Society Demand…

Waste blurs the line between nature and society. Climate change has changed the weather, and plankton thousands of metres

Stubble burning

Ending Stubble Burning With An Eco-Friendly Solution

Each fall, some paddy farmers in India’s northern state of Haryana set fire to the leftover stalks following the


Microplastics Are Responsible For Bowel Diseases

Globally, scientists have raised alarms about microplastics, small particles that have been discovered in the bodies of pregnant women,


Ford Is Making Automobile Parts From Ocean Plastic

Ford has just launched a new automobile part manufactured from recovered fishing nets, or “ghost gear,” which the firm


Recycling Glass From E-waste Into Glass Tiles

Common Sands is a design initiative focusing on recycling glass from consumer gadgets and converting them into tiles that


Honeywell’s New Technique Can Enhance Global Plastic Waste Recycling To 90%

Honeywell International, a maker of chemicals and aviation components, stated this week that it has developed a new method

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