A new study has discovered that Antarctica’s Florida-sized Thwaites glacier, which has been in a continuous “collapse” pattern as it melts into the sea, may be about to undergo a “extremely fast” retreat, according to the University of South Florida-based research team. This “doomsday glacier,” according to some experts, mayContinue Reading


Last Monday, the Lok Sabha approved the Indian Antarctic Bill 2022, which seeks to establish national safeguards for the Antarctic ecosystem, which is undergoing fast change. Climate change and global warming are causing glaciers to melt in the cold globe. These alterations have the potential to have far-reaching global climateContinue Reading


Heatwaves at both poles have alarmed climate scientists, who have warned that the “unusual” phenomena might indicate a quicker and more catastrophic climate collapse. Temperatures in Antarctica reached record highs over the weekend, reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius above average in some locations. At the same time, weather stationsContinue Reading


Researchers have discovered the sudden disappearance of a massive, icy lake in East Antarctica. Scientists say that the lake disappeared from the Antarctica’s Amery Ice Shelf sometime during the 2019 Antarctic winter. It’s estimated that 600-750 million cubic meters of water disappeared into the ocean.  So what happened to theContinue Reading