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By 2023, Zyngo Will Deploy 18,000 Electric Vehicles…

Zyngo, a technology-enabled third-party logistics service provider, made a significant statement about electric vehicles. According to the company, as

electric trucks

Electric Trucks Have Started Replacing Old Fossil Fuel Fleets…

Electric trucks are no longer a sci-fi fantasy. Today, there are dozens of medium- and heavy-duty electric truck types


Flipkart Will Deploy 25000+ Mahindra EVs In Its Logistics Fleet

Flipkart announced that it has partnered with Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) as one of its key logistics partners to


COGOS Will Buy 1000 Altigreen EVs For Its Cargo Fleet

India’s fastest-growing intra-city logistics company, COGOS announced its partnership with Altigreen by deploying 1000 EVs in its fleet, a step to further strengthen

Fleet electrification

Fleet Electrification – A Steep Climb Filled With Unforeseen Challenges

Fleet electrification at pilot scale is relatively simple: buy a vehicle, buy an inexpensive Level 2 charger, and you’re

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