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Zinc8 Heats Up The Energy Storage Segment With Zinc-Air Batteries

Zinc8 Energy Solutions, a Canadian battery manufacturer, reminds us that, in addition to solid-state batteries, there are other hot


Honeywell Unveils New Flow Battery Tech. For RE Storage

Honeywell has introduced a new flow battery technology that works with renewable energy sources like wind and solar to

ESS Flow Batteries

ESS Will Ship 2 GWh Long-Duration Batteries To SB Energy

ESS, a long-duration battery manufacturer in the United States, signed a framework agreement with SB Energy, a fully owned

flow battery

Flow Battery That Won’t Need Replacement For 25 Years

A new version of a redox flow battery is being developed at the University of Southern California which is

World's largest Vanadium flow battery

Flow Battery Technology Is Gaining Traction And Funds

Currently, an absence of superior battery technology is impeding us in achieving the goal of protecting the environment with

AquaPIM Membrane Technology Can Make Flow Batteries More Affordable

Flow batteries could one day provide the long term storage of electricity needed to make renewable energy commercially viable

New Refillable Batteries For Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are easier on the environment than their gasoline-powered counterparts, but their long charging times and the scarcity

Liquid Metal Flow Battery Optimized For Energy Storage

Flow batteries are considered prime candidates for grid scale energy storage. In a flow battery, two liquids — one

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