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Trina Bags 100 MW Vertex Module Order In India

Trina Solar’s new Vertex modules will be shipped to India in the fourth quarter of 2020 as the company

Trina Solar Expansion Strategy: EPC-Plus-Financing Or Buying Out Struggling Projects

Trina Solar is keen to expand its project development businesses in India by either partnering with large developers to

‘Made In India’ Moment Turns Out To Be ‘Made In China’ For Indian Solar Industry

Chinese modules manufacturers are the largest beneficiaries of the recent expansion in India’s operational solar power capacity. Of the

Trina’s N-type Solar Technology Delivers 24.58% Efficiency

Trina Solar, a market leader in the technology, recently achieved a new world record of 24.58% efficiency using an

Trina Solar Uses “Optimiser Technology” To Tackle Harsh Conditions in India

Foursun Solar – the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) company – who worked together with Trina Solar to develop

Trina Solar To Hit 4GW Milestone In Indian Market

Trina Solar is seeing strong momentum in India’s commercial and industrial (C&I) segment as it approaches its 4GW of

How Solar Trackers Boost PV Energy Production

The very first commercial silicon cells, produced in 1954, maxed out at only 2 percent of sunlight converted, and sold

‘TrinaHome’ Launched In India, For Residential Rooftop Segment

Trina Solar, the largest manufacturer of solar photovoltaic (PV) panels globally and India’s biggest supplier, launched its Trinahome product. Announcing

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