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Work At ‘Tesla Giga Berlin’ Has Been Halted By German Court

Work on Tesla Gigafactory 4, aka Giga Berlin, in the state of Brandenburg in Germany has been halted after

ather energy

Ather Energy Scooters Appear Costly? Opt For Subscription…

Ather Energy has recently launched the company’s updated scooter, the new Ather 450X, which will replace the existing Ather

net metering

Net Metering Should To Be ‘Done Away’ With…

Net metering allows developers to sell electricity to the grid and deduct its value from their bill for the

renewable energy

Renewed Fear- Renewable Energy Projects May Turn NPAs

Renewable energy projects, which had cornered the bulk of private funding in the power sector over the last six


Watch A Las Vegas Sized Iceberg Break Off Antarctica

Since 2017, an iceberg the size of Las Vegas has been slowly cracking and breaking off the massive Pine


No Funds To Finance Indian Renewable Growth

The ongoing shortage of finance in the banking system and the non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) is impacting the growth

rooftop solar

Kerala May Lead The Way In Solar Rooftop Installations

An easier alternative for the land-constrained state like Kerala would be to install smaller solar rooftop (SRT) systems. However,


The Big Dirty Secret: Wind Blades Can Not Be Recycled

We know wind power is generated via massive fiberglass blades, each of which can be longer than a Boeing

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