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mass extinction

Sixth Mass Extinction Event Is Entirely Human-Caused

Today’s humans are seeing the start of the world’s first mass extinction in 65 million years. What does the


The “Doomsday Glacier” Is Melting At An Unprecedented Rate…

David Holland, an atmospheric scientist at New York University, demonstrates the rate of melting of the Thwaites Glacier. The

mass extinction

The Sixth Mass Extinction Has Already Started, Scientists Say

At least five mass extinction events have decimated life on Earth over the past 450 million years — and

electric vehicle

Electric Vehicles Are 10X LESS Likely To Catch Fire Than Petrol Ones…

To illustrate the importance of fire safety in vehicles – both electric and conventional – AutoInsuranceEZ compiled data from


Is It Possible To Burn All Our Trash In Volcanic Lava?

True, lava is hot enough to burn some trash. When Kilauea, Hawaii, erupted in 2018, the lava flows reached


2021 – Ocean Warming Sees Another Record-breaking Year…

According to a recent research, the Earth’s ocean had another record year in 2021 – “the warmest year ever


Preserving Existing Trees Overshadows New Tree Planting

Planting trees (Afforestation) is critical to assisting in the removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. However, a new


Pollution & Climate Change Is Depleting Lake Oxygen 9x Faster Than Oceans

Freshwater lakes lose oxygen at nine times the rate of oceans due to pollution and warming waters. Water temperatures

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