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Beta Technologies

Beta Technologies Achieves “Electric Aviation Unicorn” Status With $368 Million Funding

The Vermont-based electric aviation startup Beta Technologies has just closed a Series A round of funding that brought in

wireless charging

Wireless Hands Free EV Charging For Fleet Operators

Wireless EV charging would be a nifty convenience for personal electric vehicle owners, and it looks like auto makers


UPS To Buy 10,000 Arrival Electric Delivery Vans

When Hyundai and KIA announced last week that they were jointly investing $100 million in UK startup Arrival, they

UPS Deploys Delivery e-Bike

UPS is continuing to electrify its delivery vehicles where it make sense to, with the recent announcement of a

Su-kam provides clean and green energy

Clean Future in conversation with Kunwer Sachdev, Managing Director of Su-Kam, India’s leading power solution company and house hold name

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