Tesla Is Being Charged With "Water Pollution"

A German environmentalist group, Association for Nature and Landscape has filed “criminal accusations” against Tesla, accusing the corporation of “suspected water contamination and a probable environmental crime” at its Berlin Gigafactory. It’s the latest chapter in a lengthy narrative of the EV maker clashing with environmentalists, who opposed the company’sContinue Reading

Fast Fashion

The phrase “fast fashion” was created to refer to mass-market merchants’ rapid creation of affordable apparel. The method used in developing, manufacturing, and marketing these fashion trends is centered on producing items as rapidly and inexpensively as feasible. Fast fashion is appealing to clients who want to be the firstContinue Reading

Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter that determines health and rejuvenation capacity of any riverine ecosystem. The amount of dissolved oxygen in a river depends on atmospheric supply of oxygen, photosynthetic process, and oxygen-consuming metabolic and chemical processes. If dissolved oxygen falls below the threshold of 2 milligram per liter,Continue Reading