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Fast Fashion

Fast Fashion Must Be Regulated To Minimize Environmental Impact

The phrase “fast fashion” was created to refer to mass-market merchants’ rapid creation of affordable apparel. The method used


“Tesla, Do Not Steal 372 Cubic Meters Per Hour Of Water”

Activist are up in arms against the planned construction of Tesla Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany because the electric car

No “One Size Fit All” Solution For Water Contamination

Experts working in the area of water quality management have emphasized that there can be no “one size fit

HPPCB Has Been Directed By NGT To Look Into Water Pollution Complain

While Himachal Pradesh government is making efforts to harness the hydro-power potential of rivers in the state, projects already

Our Clothing Is Killing The Planet

A recent report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation provides some startling insights. The Fashion industry alone is responsible for

Human Waste & Toxic Effluents Are Lowering ‘Dissolved Oxygen’ In River Ganga

Dissolved oxygen is an important parameter that determines health and rejuvenation capacity of any riverine ecosystem. The amount of

16% Die Globally on account of Pollution

Pollution — whether air pollution, water pollution, or soil pollution — is currently responsible for around 16% of all

Hyacinth Can Remove Toxic Chromium From Polluted Water

Heavy metal poisoning is a growing concern in many parts of the country. A new method for removing chromium-6,

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