Birds Eye Energy: First And Only ‘Duplex Solar Panel’ In India

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Birds Eye Energy, a Hyderabad based company, has created a two-in-one or duplex solar panel that generates electricity and heats water at the same time, occupying only 170 square feet on the terrace, which leave you with more space for, say, a roof garden.

Praneeth Pillarisetti and Harsha Vardhan Reddy, co-founders of Birds Eye Energy, are making this possible with their innovative duplex solar panels.

After developing the product in 2017 and testing it in 2018, they launched it in April 2019. A hotel in Lakdikapul, Nampally railway station, and two villas in Gachibowli are among their first clients.

Comparatively speaking

  • Praneeth and Harsha state the conventional method of installing two solar systems — to generate one kilowatt power and water heater to generate 300 litres of hot water — would amount to ₹1.3 lakh.
  • Their duplex system for a similar capacity would cost ₹1.1 to 1.2 lakh, bringing down the cost by 10% in addition to saving space on the terrace.

“The life of the panels is also much longer,” they assert. They have also tweaked the design and materials to ensure less scaling and hence, easy maintenance of the panels.

The quality of panels and the heat exchanger is such that the panels will last 15 to 20 years and heat exchanger for 25 years, without frequent maintenance or replacement.

The company is giving a warranty of 20 years. The co-founders have applied for three patents for the technology used to develop and design the duplex solar panels.

Reference- The Hindu, Birds Eye Energy website

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