Author: Prasanna (Editor)

MSMEs: A Must For Achieving India’s Rooftop Solar Target, But…

A report published by Deloitte and Climate Investment Fund (CIF) titled ‘Scaling up rooftop solar in the SME sector

Entrepreneurs, Launch Your Clean Water Solution…Fast

The World Wildlife Fund estimates that by 2025, two-thirds of the global population will face water shortages, and it’s

Just Wondering… Why Wind Turbines Have Only 3 Blades?

In recent years, wind power has gained greater popularity as an efficient, sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. Wind farms

BirthStrikers: It’s “Not Okay To Have Children” With Climate Catastrophe On The Horizon

Many young people are currently questioning whether it’s “okay to still have children” with climate catastrophe on the horizon.

Japan Is Building A ” Hydrogen Fuel Based Society”

Japan has embraced the hydrogen technology and aims to create the first “hydrogen society,” which also includes the use

Political Parties Are Being Asked To Put ‘Renewable Energy’ In Election Manifesto

An appeal was sent on behalf of Clean Energy Access Network (CLEAN), which is an all-India representative organization with

Dimming The Sun, Just A Little, May Delay The Climate Change

If we want to prevent the worst effects of global climate change, we probably need to stop burning fossil

Carbon Farming: The New Weapon In Climate Fight?

Contrary to popular belief, it’s not coal-fired power plants and internal combustion engine transportation that emit the majority of

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