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Tesla’s New Battery – Cell with a Tabless Electrode

Last November, Tesla filed for a patent on new battery cell technology that eliminates one or both of the

solar panels

Cooling Solar Panels With Passive Coolants

A new technique for cooling solar panels has been under development in Egypt. A mixture of water, aluminum oxide


Tesla’s Pseudo-Lidar Achieves Lidar Accuracy

Tesla’s progress with artificial intelligence and neural nets has propelled its Autopilot and Full Self Driving solutions to the


BYD – Removing Garbage With Electric Trucks

BYD is a world leader when it comes to heavy duty electric vehicles (trucks and buses primarily) and you


Coronavirus Travels On Air Pollution Particles -A Finding

How far can coronavirus travel? Much…much further than it was previously thought, if it latches onto some air pollution

climate emergency

Climate Change Is Killing Many More Than COVID, Yet We Are Silent?

Climate change just like viruses, do not respect national boundaries. In addition to being responsible for some seven million

electric trucks

Commercial Fleets – Going Electric For Better ROI

In a world waking up to climate change, the low-hanging fruit is to convert our global commercial fleets of


MYSUN Raises ₹320 Million For Rooftop Tech Platform

Delhi-based technology platform for rooftop solar energy solutions, MYSUN has raised ₹320 million (~$4.2 million) from its existing investors

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