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wind energy

India’s Southwest Monsoon Winds Were Favorable For Wind Energy In 2021

ArcVera Renewables, a US-based renewable energy consultancy, has recently published the July 2021 India Wind Anomaly Map which showed

ola electric

Ola Electric Scooter Will Enjoy A Subsidy Of ₹50000+ Under FAME II Scheme

Ola Electric is gearing up for the launch of its maiden electric scooter – rumored to be named the

storage system

Storage Systems Can Solve The Solar Intermittency

Storing renewable energy is as important as generating it. This combination of storage and generation can unlock a slew

microwave propulsion

Microwave Beams Will Power Space Rockets In Future

The team, made up of engineers from Japan’s University of Tsukuba Nagoya University who is investigating alternative forms of


Tesla Will Get Tax Benefits Provided They Setup A Gigafactory In India

Tesla had approached the Central Government requesting to lower the import duties. Tesla plans to launch its car in

renewable energy

Renewable Energy Cross Coal In US Electricity Mix For The First Time

For the first time in US history, renewable energy became the second-most prevalent electricity source in 2020 after natural

Electric Conversion Kit

Electric Conversion Kits – Convert Petrol Scooters Into Electric

The wave of electric vehicles (EV) in India has already begun and we are witnessing many vehicle manufacturers investing


Yamaha Is In A “Wait And Watch” Mode For EV Launches In India

Yamaha, the Japanese two-wheeler company, is working on an all-new electric vehicle platform for India and other global markets.

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