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CO2 Levels Hit Record High Despite COVID-19 Lockdown

Coronavirus (COVID) lockdowns have slowed carbon emissions and driven down pollution worldwide. But that doesn’t mean CO2 levels are

CO2 emissions

Astonishing 17%, CO2 Emissions Decline, During Lockdown

“Population confinement due to COVID-19 has led to drastic changes in energy use and CO2 emissions, which in turn,

CO2 emissions fall

India’s CO2 Emissions Have Fallen For The First Time In Four Decades

For the first time since 1982, India’s CO2 emissions have fallen. The lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic was the

electric cars

Do Electric Cars Use More Energy, Overall, Than Fuel-Based Cars ?

There’s a common idea that electric cars use up more energy, overall, than fuel-based cars. More energy to manufacture,


First Drop In India’s Coal-Fired Power Generation In 13 Years

India’s electricity generation from coal power plants declined 3 per cent to 780 Billion Units (BU) during the April-December

Fully Electric Mercedes-Benz eSprinter Goes Into Production

Mercedes-Benz’s Dusseldorf plant has celebrated the start of production of the fully electric eSprinter and ushered in a new

BMW Group: The First Carmaker To Join The ‘Getting To Zero Coalition’

BMW is continuing to focus on manufacturing electric cars in a green way. The company actually operates a sustainability

Ellen: The World’s Largest, 100% Electric Ferry

Land, sea, and air traffic all need to switch to zero emissions. Keep this spirit in mind lets meet

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