Subsea Cloud

Subsea Cloud provides data center services, but with a unique twist: the data center is located beneath the seas. Liquid cooling, like EV batteries and combustion engines, may be extremely beneficial to computers, particularly high-performance computers. This cooling is required since computers create a lot of heat when operating. BecauseContinue Reading

Wooden Buildings Can Reduce CO2 Emissions By 106 Billion Tonnes

Cities already house more than half of the world’s population, and this figure is expected to rise dramatically by 2100. This means that more homes will be constructed using steel and concrete, both of which have a significant carbon impact. In 2020, raw material production for conventional buildings accounted forContinue Reading

hydrogen trains

Germany has invested around $92 million in the world’s first fleet of hydrogen trains. The trains debuted in the German state of Lower Saxony. In the region, 14 trains have been launched thus far by regional rail operator LNVG. These trains generate electricity from hydrogen fuel cells, which drives theContinue Reading


Airbus has officially signed a deal with major industrial gas company Linde to build hydrogen hubs at airports across the world. Currently, airports in France, Italy, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea have signed on to the hub concept, which is initially aimed at integrating hydrogen into ground operations. Hydrogen isContinue Reading


Nutrien Ltd. just revealed that it is considering Geismar, LA as the location for the world’s largest clean ammonia facility. Clean ammonia will be made utilizing revolutionary technology to achieve at least a 90% decrease in CO2 emissions, building on the company’s expertise in low-carbon ammonia manufacturing. The project willContinue Reading

Air Company

A company called Air Company is manufacturing vodka derived from carbon dioxide emissions, a futuristic new beverage that can both get you drunk and make you feel a little better about the environment 😉 The firm uses CO2 emissions from carbon-producing companies to create different alcohols such as vodka, perfume,Continue Reading