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Zero-Carbon Concrete Is Gaining Traction!

Concrete is used in the construction of houses, buildings, highways, freeways, bridges, walkways, water systems, dams, and other structures

seawing sail

Thanks To Seawing Sail Cargo Ship Emissions Will Be Reduced By 20%

Until the nineteenth century, when steam-driven propulsion replaced wind power, the worldwide maritime sector was zero-emission. The steam era

New Study-Heat Pumps Can CUT CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

New Study-Heat Pumps Can Cut CO2 Emission By 500 Million Tons

Heat pump sales are expected to reach new highs in the coming years as the global energy crisis pushes

Climate Change Is Taking a Large Toll On Our Planet

Climate Change Is Taking a Large Toll On Our Planet

According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), if carbon emissions are not reduced, three-quarters of the

Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicles Big CO2 Footprint Diminishes As You Drive More

Electric vehicles (EV) are rapidly changing the automotive scene, but opponents have underlined how substantial their emissions are from

Electric vehicles

New Study – Electric Vehicles’ Economic Viability In Developing Countries

Electric vehicles are one of the most talked-about tools for putting the globe on a carbon-free path. The World


Electra, A Bill Gates-Backed Startup, Is Making Green Steel

Every tonne of steel produced using traditional processes emits 1.85 tonnes of CO2. The steel sector accounts for roughly

Super tanker

Supertanker Utilizes 130-Foot Sails To Save 9.8% Of Its Fuel

The China Merchant Energy Shipping company’s latest crude oil supertanker uses four big sails to cut fuel usage. The

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