IL&FS Energy has appointed GE to investigate integrated RE projects

India’s IL&FS Energy has appointed GE’s energy consulting division to investigate integrated wind, solar and storage projects in the Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat regions.

IL&FS managing director Sunil Wadhwa said energy storage technologies are essential for India as part of the country’s bid to integrate more renewables. The current challenge, however, is to address the initial high cost through a regulatory framework.”

Sundar Venkataraman, a technical director in GE’s energy consulting business, said storage was important for India due to weaknesses in the country’s technical grid infrastructure.“As the costs start to come down, energy storage will become an integral part of India’s grid,” he said.

“By taking a look at the impact of renewable integration with energy storage systems on India’s power grid, we can provide valuable information to help the country best design its future grid.”