2018 Nissan LEAF should do 400km

Nissan LEAF offers pockets of optimism when judged on yearly incremental improvements in battery size and range. The 2017 model comes with a 30kWh pack as standard, offering 107 miles per charge, lower than the 2016 Renault ZOE which is backed by a 41kWh pack, rated to around 250 miles under the generous NEDC system, but reportedly capable of about 180 miles.

However if industry report are to be believed 2018 LEAF should be capable of 350-400km (220-250 miles), again under a generous Japanese JC08 rating. It would suggest a minimum battery pack size equalling the ZOE’s 40kWh, although many have wondered whether a 60kWh option may also be available to cement a 200-mile range. They have developed a prototype vehicle that can run 550 km while keeping the cargo capacity with the same external dimension as the current LEAF. This was achieved by using newer and more energy-dense cells.It is pegged for delivery in 2020.