IIT Delhi’s Eco-friendly innovations

Here’s how IIT Delhi’s innovations are going to making India and the world a better place –

Nasofilter –Technology Development Board recently awarded Prateek Sharma’s  (an IIT Delhi graduate) device with Startups National Award 2017.His firm Nanoclean Global builds Nasofilter that blocks the pollutants present in the environment and is going to be available from August at a meager price of Rs. 10

Automobiles- IIT-D is trying to replace the stainless steel in automobile with 3D fabric made from glass, carbon and natural fibers, which will reduce the weight by nearly 40%. This will result in saving of at least 25%, in fuel consumption.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles- India is aiming to be pollution free by going all Electric Vehicles route by 2030; for this researchers at the Centre for Energy Studies are working on bringing hydrogen-powered vehicles in the market, which would have zero emission thus improving air quality and reducing carbon footprints.

Eco-friendly cement- IIT Delhi’s civil engineering department researchers and JK Lakshmi Cement are carrying out full-scale trial production of a new cement and an environment-friendly additive for concrete that can reduce CO2 emissions by 30% and energy consumption by 20% in cement production.

Dolphins are tracking river Ganges- Center of Applied Research in Electronics is now tracking dolphins with the Integrated Visual and Acoustic System (IVAS) that it has developed to track the condition of river Ganges by counting the dolphins that are present in the river body. IVAS tracks dolphins by recording the sonar clicks that these aquatic mammals make underwater and collates them with images taken when they surface.