Parijat Industries Sets-up 450kW Grid-Tied Rooftop Solar Plant

In sync with National Solar Mission and as a commitment to clean the environment, Parijat Industries India Pvt. Ltd. recently invested and installed a solar plant at their manufacturing plant in Ambala, Haryana.

Under Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency’s (HAREDA) state policy, Parijat Industries has installed a Grid-Tied Solar Rooftop capable of generating 450kW of energy. While this is enough to satiate 90 percent of the factory’s needs; excess or unused power will be added to a grid set up by the HAREDA, which can then be used by neighboring villages outside of Parijat Industries manufacturing premises.

Running with the big corporations of the agro-chemical industry; Parijat Industries’ commitment to creating a green, renewable energy source is cardinal. Parijat was awarded the International Environment Management Award in the year 2015. This solar instillation is in line with company’s commitment to responsible environment practices.