Odisha Launches Grid-connected Rooftop Solar Projects

Having the potential to generate more than 5,000 MW of solar power, the State Government has set a target to tap 8 MW of the clean energy in the current financial year.

In a bid to popularise grid-connected rooftop solar power plant, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday launched a web portal www.rtsodisha.gov.in, which will provide an opportunity to the stakeholders to interact with customers for timely delivery of services online.

Under the programme, consumers can install solar plants on their rooftops and consume the generated solar power during day time. Excess power can be sold to the grid at 220 v/440 v levels through service cables.

The solar power generated from rooftop and exported to the grid can be metered through net-meter, a special type of meter which will be provided by the respective distribution companies. The difference between import from the grid and export to it will be billed to the consumer.

The investment on a rooftop solar system is about `70,000 per kilo watt. The State Government will provide 30 per cent subsidy to the consumers belonging to residential, institutional, registered societies and trusts.

A total capacity of 68 mw has been commissioned in the State so far,