EXPLORER+ fashionable backpack w/ 100% certified solar panel

SunnyBAG introduces the first solar backpack with a 100% certified solar panel. 100% means that every single solar panel will get tested, and every backer will receive their own certificate. The solar panel is easy to remove and will recharge a lot of different mobile devices including mobile phones, tablets, GPS devices, wearables, … and of course power banks. So, you’ll have your independent current source always with you.

The SunnyBAG EXPLORER+ is made of a robust weather-resilient fabric and offers multiple compartments for holding a 15.6-inch laptop, camera, spiral bound notepads, calendar, mobile devices and other gizmos for every-day carry.

The solar panel consists of SUNPOWER® cells with 22.4% efficiency. These are the strongest solar cells available on the market. When used in direct sunlight, the solar panel of the SunnyBAG EXPLORER+ is most efficient in charging mobile devices. The 6 watts solar panel allows you to recharge a 10.000 mAh power bank within 7 hours.