Nissan Unveils Concept Ambulance & Electric Delivery Van

Nissan, intent to capture one more market segment for electric vehicles, has unveiled its solution for certain urban delivery needs.

Together, Nissan recently put two cool concept vehicles on stage — the Paramedic Concept and the all-electric Nissan e-NV200 Fridge Concept. The all-electric Nissan e-NV200 Fridge Concept is a modified e-NV200, of course. “The Fridge Concept’s compact size will make it easier to park in urban environments, where large delivery trucks are often prevented from stopping,” the company writes. The Nissan e-Fridge is equipped with an additional battery pack in the cargo space to power a refrigeration unit that is able to chill stored foods.

At the Tokyo Motor Show, Nissan also unveiled its new Paramedic Concept to go alongside the e-NV200 Fridge Concept. “It will be Nissan’s fifth-generation ambulance and builds on the success of the previous versions, which are sold exclusively in Japan. The next-generation ambulance is based on Nissan’s NV350 Caravan, providing better comfort for the patient and a better work environment for paramedics and drivers.”

Some unique elements packed into the new ambulance include Nissan’s industry-leading Intelligent Around View Monitor and technology to reduce the spread of germs. “The ambulance also carries a lithium-ion auxiliary battery that supports life-saving medical equipment when patients are in remote areas or need of emergency assistance. It also contributes to CO2 reduction, as well as external and internal noise reduction.