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Tesla Opens World’s Largest Supercharger Station in China

Tesla was spotted in China last month as it worked on installing a new supercharger network that would become the largest supercharger station in the world. As of October 23, construction has been completed, and the station is now operational.

Located in an underground garage at the Lilacs International Commercial Centre in Shanghai, the station has 50 superchargers electric car owners can use. These are contributing to Tesla’s goal of adding 1,000 superchargers to China, and installing 10,000 around the world before the end of 2018. Just last month, the company introduced smaller superchargers to cities like Chicago and Boston.

According to Tesla’s website, it now has 1025 Supercharger stations available around the world, totaling over 7,200 Superchargers.

China’s supercharger station may not be as aesthetically pleasing as ones found in other locations, but that’s not really an issue as long as it performs. It’s construction is also significantly important to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs); their increased availability could make EVs an easier sell, as people don’t have to drive as far to find a place to charge their vehicle. Beyond that, it’s a clear sign that EVs are here to stay and are slowly replacing gas-powered cars. We’re sure Tesla is happy to be seen as the company leading the way.

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