SKF installs solar concentrating systems

SKF Mysuru, a wholly owned subsidiary of a swedish company, over the years the entity has invested in India to expand SKF’s platform products portfolio and owns 2 fully manufacturing plants for sealing solutions in Mysore and large sized industrial bearings in Ahmadabad. The plants serve diverse sectors and markets across the country with a variety of large industrial bearings, standard and customized sealing solutions for automotive and industrial applications.

In addition, SKF also owns a manufacturing facility for lubrication systems in Bangalore through the global acquisition of Lincoln, the leader in lubrication systems solutions. Lincoln is present in India in the form of Lincoln Helios India Pvt Ltd

With such a presence in India the electricity requirement and dependence on fossil fuel was huge however as India receives a fair amount of sunshine, India has immense potential to harness solar energy and reduce dependence on fossil fuels for energy requirements. Solar and other renewable energy sources have with advancement have now become much more efficient and reliable as a source of clean energy.

SKF AB decided to installed a parabolic trough based solar concentrating system in India, thereby reducing its carbon footprint.

The system contains 40 parabolic trough based collectors, SolPac P60s, each of 6.41 m2 aperture area connected in a series-parallel combination to generate pressurised hot water at 130°C.