BKT Opens R&D Center in India for Eco-Friendly Off-Road Tires

BKT has formally opened its new research and development center in India. The Suresh Poddar Innovation Hub facility is named after the eldest of the three Poddar brothers and is part of the company’s greenfield facility in Bhuj and is located within a 25-acre area called the Mahabirprasad Poddar Knowledge Center, named after BKT’s late founder.

The center will deal with research into off-road tire technology and has been equipped with state of the art equipment and software. Tire development in the facility will range from design to compound creation in order to improve different performance aspects.

Some core areas of research will include searching for new sustainable production materials and more environment friendly off-road tires. Another area that the team will focus on is nanotechnologies, especially when it comes to creating new components. Close to the research facility is a test track that will serve as a location for conducting extensive tire performance tests, simulating real application conditions.

BKT aims to make the innovation hub the world’s number one research center in the off-highway sector.