Senvion-led collaboration project submitted for Horizon 2020 funding

Senvion, a leading global manufacturer of wind turbines, submitted an application for a Horizon 2020 proposal to the European Commission in collaboration with partners throughout the value chain of the offshore wind energy sector.

The project proposal is triggering hundreds of millions of Euros of investment into the European clean tech sector. With the “ReaLCoE” project, the pan-European consortium led by Senvion aims to develop a robust, reliable Next Generation 10MW+ offshore wind turbine for clean, competitive electricity.

In May 2017 Senvion announced the development of a 10MW+ turbine for the offshore business. By the implementation of an integrated approach within the consortium project, the company takes a further step forward in this development. Senvion has invited Europe’s most experienced offshore industry stakeholders and innovative SMEs to join this value adding partnership. This vision comes to reality through the vertical integration of the value chain by moving from sequential to modular and parallel development, testing and certification and new forms of cooperation.

Interchangeable components and parallel testing and certification will lead to a much faster time to market. Increased operational lifetime and lower service and maintenance requirement will substantially reduce LCoE. This robust, reliable and modular turbine design allows Senvion to easily customize the turbine to different markets and client requirements.