Supplying Clean Electricity to 5 Million People

Supplying cleaner electricity to 5 million people per year, the Xiang Jia Ba power plant is located on the right bank of the Jin Sha River, a tributary of the Yangtze. With an estimated annual power output of 30.7 billion kWh, it is one of the world’s highest output hydro turbine-generator units.

Xiang Jia Ba’s total capacity is 6,400 MW, making it China’s third largest hydroelectric plant. In addition to power generation, the project brings flood prevention, improved shipping conditions, and agricultural irrigation to the area. And, it saves an estimated 12 million tons of CO2 emissions every year, compared to conventional fuels, which is equivalent to the emissions of 2 million vehicles.

The underground power plant uses four of GE’s 800 MW Francis turbines and 889 MVA generators, which are one of the highest capacity hydro generator units in the world. China Three Gorges Corporation, a state-owned company, leads the project and works with GE.