Foldable Bike Helmets made from Recycled Materials

This London-based startup has developed a cycling helmet that could solve a common pain point for bicycle commuting, while also offering a safe and comfortable fit for both casual riders and daily cyclists alike.

LID Helmets are designed to make it easy to carry your bike helmet wherever you go, thanks to a unique folding design that collapses it down into a small enough size to fit into a bag, while still providing adequate head protection in the event of a crash.

Developed over the course of the last several years, LID helmets are now (almost) ready for market, and its first model, dubbed “plico,” has been thoroughly tested over the last two years and is now officially certified as meeting both European and US safety standards.

At the heart of the plico helmet is its multi-piece design, which allows the helmet to expand and collapse (“cascading compactibility”) as needed. When wearing the helmet, this design is said to allow for a “truly snug fit” for a variety of head shapes, as the individual pieces fit to the rider’s head. The multi-piece design is also claimed to enable good air flow through the helmet while riding. The helmet also integrates a rear mounting point for attaching a safety light, as well as a padded chin strap for a more comfortable fit.

The plico collapses down into a size small enough to fit easily into a backpack or other bag, and it features a magnetic fastening system to keep itself folded up until needed.

Another feature of the plico is its use of recycled materials, namely the expanded polystyrene (EPS) that forms the basis of many safety helmets, which in this case was previously used in the automobile industry.