Reuse-Replenish-Recycle at Hiranandani Eco-friendly Townships

Sustainable real estate development is all about conserving nature and also be eco-friendly.

Real estate projects by Brand Hiranandani are among the first integrated townships in India which are not just eco-friendly but also entail intelligent usage of natural resources, this is an integral part of the success story. In the scenario where water is a scarce resource, intelligent planning ensures it remains ‘in focus’ from the conceptualization to implementation across the different projects.

There are two aspects of water conservation, first at the stage of construction and secondly, after residents of the community move in. The focus during the construction stage is on striking an attractive balance between greenery and construction: recycled water is used for construction activities. Once the community of residents moves in, recycled water is used for flushing and maintenance activities.

Across the Hiranandani Townships, on an average, 50 percent of the water demand is met by recycling and reusing water through Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) and Rainwater Harvesting systems (RWH). At Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, about 2 MLD is treated at central plants and 2.5 MLD is treated at package plants at different locations. Similarly, rainwater harvesting plants have been installed; during the monsoons, around 1 MLD water is reused by the immediate rainwater harvesting method.

“Lush green spaces and parks in these township projects are a testimony to reusing water for gardening and horticulture.”