Jamaican Utility Invests in Flywheel-Battery Hybrid Storage System

Jamaica Public Service Ltd yesterday said that it is investing US$21.6 million in a hybrid energy storage solution to support grid stability.

The utility said the project will be the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

“This is one of the most significant projects to be undertaken by JPS this year,” JPS President and CEO Emanuel DaRosa said in a statement. “This project will be a model for other countries in the Caribbean and even outside of this region. Being able to respond flexibly to the changes in generation demand and supply, will redound to a meaningful improvement in the quality of customer service experienced across the board.”

The project involves constructing a 24.5-MW (MWh capacity not provided) facility, which will be a combination of low-speed flywheels and containerized lithium-ion batteries.

JPS said the project will help support grid stability during low resource events from renewable generation, such as wind power. The utility has one utility-scale wind farm in its power portfolio, according to the JPS website. JPS also said that the project will provide a cost-effective spinning reserve as an alternative to traditional generation spinning reserve.


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