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CATL Will Supply Li-ion Batteries To Tesla Till 2025

Contemporary Amperex Technology Company (CATL) will begin supplying lithium-ion batteries to Tesla starting in January 2022. The contract between


World’s First Glass-Bottom Air-rail With Lithium Batteries

A glass-bottomed sky train rolled off production lines in China last week. With glass paneling on three sides, the


Lithium – The New Gold For Americans

A project, known as Lithium Americas, for which workers are preparing to start blasting and digging out a giant


iPower- Planning To Manufacture 500 Li-ion Batteries/Day In India

Electric vehicles have the battery as their main component and the 60% of the EV’s cost is due to

Inverted Energy

Inverted Energy Starts 100 MWh Lithium-ion Battery Assembly Unit In Delhi

Delhi-based Inverted Energy recently started operating a 100 MWh lithium-ion battery assembly unit in the city’s Okhla industrial area.

battery recycling

Recycling – Building A Future For Greener EV Batteries

Battery recycling is essential if we are to keep hazardous materials from entering the waste stream during the EV

fireproof batteries

New Ultralight And Fireproof Lithium-Ion Batteries From Stanford University

The new approach, according to scientists at Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, is

Revolutionary- One Can 3D Print Solid-State Li-Ion Batteries

Swiss Holding company, Blackstone Resources AG, has been investing in finding a way to 3D print solid-state lithium-ion batteries.

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