Pavan : Check Pollution Levels Before Hopping Out

Pavan is a new platform, consisting of a website and mobile app, that will make checking pollution levels as easy as checking the weather on a weather app. Such a comprehensive platform has never been offered in India as of yet.

Once the Pavan platform has been completed, users will be able to wake up in the morning to a push notification telling them what the current air quality is and how to act accordingly.

Once the user opens the app, they’ll be taken to a screen where they can check real-time air pollution levels in either their location or in the rest of their city. The platform will also include an educational section.

A third section outlines various solutions — users can opt to receive tips on reducing their pollution exposure and alerts during peak pollution times. They can also streamline purchase and delivery of anti-pollution equipment to their houses.

Finally, the app and website provide a platform for users to upload photos and report what they see to the government, such as illegal trash burning.

The Pavan team plans to test the product this summer and release their platform in Delhi later this year, and then hope to soon expand to other cities in India. Pavan wants to be the catalyst to drive the future forward, and empower urban Indians to take control of their health and environment.