VELOKS MK3 : The 400-Mile Range Electric Tadpole Trike

Engineer Lars Oksbjerre had made the bold decision to bring a novel design of a fully electric trike (3-wheeled bike) to production. The low center of gravity, full suspension, and large fat tires, along with the comfortable padded seat, proves for a pleasant ride — for hours.

At a base price of €5,340 you get version 3 (MK3) of VELOKS’ full suspension electric trike with a 100-mile range. The motor will assist up to near 16 mph using a torque sensor measuring the rider’s pedaling effort. The bike weighs in at 38 kg with the standard 1 kWh battery. To get the full 400-mile range you’ll need the 4 kWh battery which adds 10.8 kg and €970 to the package.

This 3rd generation design (MK3) is based upon Lars’ own experience of riding more than 10,000 miles on previous designs. The reclined seat, the suspension on all three wheels, the motor support, is all optimized for a comfortable, easy, and safe ride.

The trike is designed bottom-up for electric drive, and supports long distance rides in any weather on any road, therefore all components have to be rugged and durable. The torque sensor in this setup is cleverly built into the crank and as such is shielded from water and dust.

All electronics are built into the waterproof battery box that can be swapped in 5 seconds. Apart from the 18650 Panasonic lithium cells it contains the BMS, motor controller, DC-DC converter (12V and 5V for lights and phone charger). Remote controlled on/off, motion sensor, geofence alarm, speed alarm, real-time tracking, power setting). The battery is designed to supply 12kW of continuous power.