AstuEco’s Eco-friendly Tableware Picnic Pack For Rs.549/-

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AstuEco was formed with the goal of decreasing the use of disposable plastics globally and helping to reduce environment pollution. They are also actively involved in planting large shade giving local trees. They are committed to the reduction of dependency on disposable plastics and reducing pollution.

For just Rs.549 (shipping free) You get the following items in AstuEco’s eco-friendly picnic pack:

  • 10 Areca plates 10-inch
  • 10 Areca plates 6-inch
  • 10 Wooden spoons
  • 10 Wooden forks
  • 10 Bagasse cups
  • 10 Paper straws
  • 20 Paper tissues

These beautifully designed items are made from areca tree sheath, sugarcane pulp (bagasse), and paper! That means they will biodegrade quite quickly.

For every 10,000 pieces of Astu Eco products that are purchased, AstuEco will plant 100 trees.

It’s impossible to ask everyone to give up disposable plates overnight. But it is great to know that there is a more environmentally sound alternative than plastic and foam! Clearly, to do this we need a large behavioural change on a societal level. Eco-friendly tableware provides a great alternative.

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